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By making changes to everyday actions, together we can make a positive difference to the environment, to our health and to the wellbeing of our communities.

We know climate change poses a major threat to everyone’s future. For us to lead the way in responding to the climate crisis, and to meet our vitally important goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2038, we’re committing to making fundamental changes to the way we work, through increased investment, mitigation, and culture change throughout our health and care system.

At West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, we’re all hands in for a better future.

Why the ‘Green Plan’ is vitally important

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The greatest challenges are best tackled when we all make small changes together. With over 100,000 of us working together, every small change can add up to make a huge impact.

Latest pledges (6)

I pledge to…

Eat less meat and have vegetarian meals at least 4 days of the week.

Emma Wragg


I pledge to…

support the SELFA Youth Council to develop an environmental strategy, these ‘sustainability champions’ will have an ongoing role in monitoring the implementation of the environmental changes they want to see.

Emma Pears – SELFA Children’s Charity

Bradford District And Craven

I pledge to…

Volunteer to take home soft plastic waste from the Coding Dept to be recycled.

Stacey Camp

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Wakefield District

I pledge to…

Commute into Leeds using the Park and Ride Scheme



I pledge to…

promote though Bnode Ltd, that organisations can have strong ethical values while also growing their profits. That Ethical and Environmental Digital Marketing should be ‘the norm’ and that the time for this is right now. It’s Digital Done Right.

Chris Naylor


I pledge to…

encourage my friends and family to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Jess Kirkby

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership


How you can help

Things like turning off equipment and lights when they’re not in use, opting for meat free Mondays, or changing the way you get to work might seem like a drop in the ocean but by making changes to everyday actions together we can make a positive difference to the environment, to our health, and to the wellbeing of our communities.

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All great journeys start with an idea, a question, someone willing to step up and act first. If you’re passionate about tackling climate change, you’ll find useful resources to help create a movement in your team, workplace or organisation here. Download your toolkit and begin the movement of change!